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Forest Academies

Forest Academies

One aspect of our programs is to use Forest Academies. A Forest Academy is a two-week period of study of particular themes of Vedic Science, where students will explore, through direct experience and understanding, the most vital element in creation — the field of pure consciousness that is the inner intelligence at the basis of every individual and the entire universe.

Courses on offer include:

FOR 401 Revival of the Knowledge of Enlightenment
This course explores the extraordinary story of how the world reawakened to the knowledge of enlightenment. Over fifty years ago Maharishi responded to the need of the time for higher consciousness and set out from India to bring the experience of transcending to the West. This experience ignited a global awakening, transforming consciousness and the quality of life for millions of people. Through guest speakers who worked personally with Maharishi, heartwarming videotapes, and interviews, students learn this transformative time in human history. Students have many opportunities to discuss any questions they have about Maharishi’s teachings and the Transcendental Meditation movement. Topics include: Maharishi’s time with his spiritual master, Guru Dev; how Maharishi left a recluse life in the Himalayas to teach in the world; the beginnings of the student Transcendental Meditation movement; the founding of Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi’s visits to the campus; and the progressive unfoldment of Vedic technologies to enlighten the individual and enliven the basis of world peace.

FOR 409 The Spiritual Quest in Media, Myth, and Myself: The Hero’s Journey as the Development of Consciousness
Students explore their own spiritual quest in the light of the wisdom shared in great mythic stories, focusing on an ancient epic (the Rāmāyaṇa), mythology, and modern films. Students identify the universal stages of the quest archetype: the hero’s journey as he or she evolves to higher states of awareness. Students critically evaluate theories of consciousness, including the Maharishi Science and Technology of Consciousness, analyzing how these theories can illuminate mythic stories and their own lives. In the culminating course project, students create a mythic story that reflects their personal vision and the transformation of consciousness.

FOR 429 Maharishi’s Principles of Success: Developing Purity of Consciousness and Aligning Behavior with Natural Law as the Foundation of Success in Every Area of Life
Success in life is based on profound knowledge that guides action to produce the desired achievement to bring fulfillment. This course explores key themes of knowledge that highlight the contributions of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology to individual and professional success and fulfillment in life.

FOR 432 The Philosophy of Action: Transcending the Field of Activity as the Basis for Right Action and Fulfillment in Life
This course investigates the explanation in Maharishi Vedic Science of the role of action in the development of higher states of consciousness and how action performed from the level of pure consciousness spontaneously gains the support of all the Laws of Nature for maximum success.

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