The Project

Stress Free Sports (SFS) provides holistic development of the individual and team through building inner silence, the vital element so easily lost within the sound and fury of athletic competition.

This is the key difference between SFS and other approaches to sports training and competition. While other approaches focus on acquisition of skills and mental tools, SFS aligns the athlete with their inner alertness to support clearer more powerful thinking and action.

Coaches today know something is missing from their players' training and competitive routines. Some counterproductively fill natural rest gaps that punctuate play with even more dynamism (e.g., rope jumping during timeouts, never sitting down on tennis changeovers); others realize rest is needed but often do little more than exhort their athletes "Breathe!" during gaps in the action on court or on the field.

How does SFS work? SFS works by teaching transcending—culturing of inner wakeful alertness at the source of thought during Transcendental Meditation practice—and by extension culturing silence on the field during competition.Ruben Sanchez, Founder of Stress Free Sports

Transcendental Meditation

The practice of Transcendental Meditation allows the athlete to develop the ability to contact inner alert silence even during dynamic activity. Once having had that experience, then the athlete can more readily recognize the silence that punctuates the most dynamic activity.

Stress Free Sport Training

The combination of TM practice and SFS training helps the athlete to identify silence in dynamic activity using the senses of feeling and intuition. The feeling level of consciousness in time helps the athlete to achieve 200% in life: 100% inner fulfillment found in the deep silence accessed via TM which serves as the basis for 100% satisfaction from dynamic activity while engaged in sports. This duality of silence and dynamism addresses sports holistically by linking the surface level of activity to the source of all activity (the dynamic, ever-changing relative level of creation with the absolute, un-manifest source level of creation).

Evolution of Sport - The Silence Inside

SFS represents an historic development in the evolution of sports shifting the emphasis from focusing on action and physical exertion to focusing on alert silence and the joy of being. It is analogous to learning to drawing an arrow back in archery training—to the level of alert, calm inner silence—before letting it go to fly to the target…once started well, the resulting completion is easy and highly effective.

"The Zone - And So Much More!

Through SFS the athlete experiences an increasing infusion of alert silence with mental perception and dynamic behavior. Increasing silence during activity supports “the zone” experience even during demanding competition. However, SFS is doing much more than culturing experience of “the zone” in sports. Alert silence becomes part of the athlete’s life off the field as well, when dealing with family, with friends, with off-season activities SFS develops the total athlete.

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